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Hardware stores offer protection from frozen pipes in chilly temperatures

One of the cheapest ways to protect your home in the freezing temperatures is to insulate its pipes.

Hardware stores sell several types of insulating coverings that are easily installed on outdoor piping. They may come in the form of foam or wrapping. At Royall Ace Hardware in Mount Pleasant, many of them are sold for less than 10 dollars.

“For a few dollars, you can protect yourself versus 2, 3, 4 times as much money [it would cost] to replace it and having to wait to do it,” sales representative John Woods said.

If a pipe freezes, the cost of repair can be upwards of 500 dollars. A burst pipe inside can cause additional damage to flooring and carpeting.

The Weather Channel reports that southern homes are more vulnerable to burst pipes, as they are more often located in unprotected areas outside of the house. Also, homeowners tend to be less aware of such issues, as temperatures may only rarely dip below freezing.

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