3 years after child's death, search for clues continues

3 years after child's death, search for clues continues

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - Charleston County deputies are still searching for clues that will help them solve the three-year-old mystery surrounding the death of a West Ashley child.

The child's father told deputies he and his wife heard someone kicking at the door of their Pierpont Avenue home at around 1 a.m., and as he walked toward the door to investigate, the intruder opened fire with a .12 gauge shotgun.

Deputies say the spray from the shotgun went into the home and some of it passed through a wall and into the bedroom of Allison Griffor, striking her in the head as she slept.

She was rushed to MUSC where she died two days later. She was only five years old.

The spray also wounded her father, but he recovered.

Authorities believe home invaders mistakenly thought drugs were in the home and that neither Allison nor anyone else in her family were intended targets.

Shortly after Allison's death, her family moved to another state.

Sheriff's investigators have maintained they were confident they know who committed the crime and that their suspected shooter was serving time for an unrelated crime. However, they continue to search for evidence that will help them bring criminal charges.

The identity of that person has not been released, investigators say, out of fears that doing so would harm the ongoing investigation.

Anyone with information on the murder of Griffor should call the Charleston County Sheriff's Office at (843) 554-2475 or Crime Stoppers at (843) 554-1111.

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