Grocery store allowing customers to pay using phones

Grocery store allowing customers to pay using phones

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Starting this week, Bi-Lo Supermarkets are now accepting Apple Pay, which lets customers pay for groceries using an iPhone 6.

"The new process allows anyone to take their debit or credit card information and store it in their iPhone. Bi-Lo says it expects Apple Pay to actually speed up the check out process.

"You can put multiple cards on this, on apple pay, so they don't have to dig through their wallets and pull it out," Ricky Smith, the Bees Ferry store director said. "Most everybody's phone is on their hip or really close to them at the time when they're shopping, so they can just basically just touch it to the screen and move straight from there."

Normally, credit card information goes into the system when you slide it but with Apple Pay you just get a transaction number that's different every time, which the company says is more secure.

"After it's in place and people are used to it, the store clerks are used it, it'll be fine," Ricky Martin, a Bi-lo customer said.

"I always have my iPhone with me," Budd Huber, a Bi-Lo customer said. "If it's something that keeps me from keep me from carrying my wallet around, eventually the more widely it's accepted, the more utility it'll have for me."

Other companies like Macy's, Panera Bread, Petco, McDonald's, Subway, and Walgreens also accept the new payment system. A list of companies using Apple Pay can be found on this website.

Some companies like CVS, Best Buy, and Walmart are holding off , waiting for the launch of a similar system called CurrentC , coming out next year.

Bi-lo says so far, Apple Pay is working just fine.

"We've had a couple customers already do it," Smith said. "The people that have the technology already know how to use it very well. On our end, it's very much like a regular transaction. All the software has already been put in here so it's just touch and go for us."

Some critics worry shoppers getting used to Apple Pay will slow down check out lines. As for security, the same critics fear Apple will hold on to your stored bank information, but the company says that's simply not true.

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