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Fight for District 114 not over as Tinkler prepares for 2015 legislative session


Thirty-four-year-old Mary Tinkler grew up in her district and got the political bug a couple of years ago when she managed her father's campaign for state senate.

"It's about serving the people of South Carolina and, particularly, District 114 in my case. So, that is what I'm in this position to do and intend to do over the next two years."

Tinkler is the first Democrat to hold the seat in 40 years. She says she is looking forward to bringing a fresh and moderate perspective to her constituents.

"I want to make sure that I am an accessible representative. So, I fully intend on going on a listening tour, if you will, and making sure that I'm hearing the concerns of the constituents."

Tinkler's election was controversial. Her predecessor, former House Speaker Bobby Harrell, resigned just days before the election. He appeared on the ballot, but votes for him did not count.

Republicans took up the issue with the state election commission requesting a special election, but the state Supreme Court ruled against it.

"The Supreme Court will be fully debriefed by the end of this month on the case, and our expectation is that the oral arguments will be in early December with, more than likely, a decision quickly thereafter."

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