Cops: Man threatens to cut girlfriend into 'little pieces' over broken toilet

Cops: Man threatens to cut girlfriend into 'little pieces' over broken toilet

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Authorities say a 38-year-old man is behind bars after threatening to cut his girlfriend into "little pieces" following an argument over a broken toilet.

The Charleston Police Department charged Terry Lamont Milligan with criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature.

On Monday morning, police met with a 45-year-old woman who said her boyfriend threatened to kill her with a knife at a home on Ashley Town Center Drive.

The victim said it all started when she arrived home from work and got into a verbal argument with Milligan over a broken toilet.

After Milligan left the home, the victim said she called him and cussed him out on his voicemail. A police report states Milligan then became enraged, returned to the victim's home and grabbed a knife from the kitchen.

The victim told investigators that Milligan then pointed the knife at the victim's throat and said,"I'm tired of your nagging and (expletive)...I am going to just slit your throat right here...before today is over I am going to kill you."

According to the victim, she told Milligan,"Stop actin' a fool or I am going to scream so the maintenance people will hear and come up here."

Milligan then reportedly told the victim,"If you scream I will slice you up into little will be dead before they can get up here to save you."

The victim said she then remained quiet, and at some point Milligan threw the knife onto the couch.

Investigators say the victim grabbed her keys, ran out of the apartment and drove the to the Citadel Mall parking lot where she met with police.

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