FSU shooting victim: 'Just really happy to be alive'

VIDEO: FSU shooting victim speaks about ordeal

TALLAHASSEE, FL (WCTV/CBS) - One of the victims in the shooting at Florida State University definitely had something to celebrate this Thanksgiving: having survived the ordeal.

A week after the shooting, Nathan Scott says he's lucky.

If not for a series of events, he says, things could have ended much worse. Scott was working the front desk of the Strozier Library the morning gunman Myron May opened fire.

Scott says it was seconds between May's first three shots and when he entered the library.

"Ten seconds later he had actually walked to the side of the desk behind the desk and that's when he took the shot at me," Scott said.

But Scott says he thinks May wasn't done firing his gun.

"Me and my co-worker both remember kind of hearing a click click click sound right after the first shot," Scott says.

At that point, Scott says he believes May either ran out of bullets or his gun jammed.

"I think he would have shot just as many as he shot at Ronny at us," Scott says.

Scott was treated at Tallahassee Memorial for a gunshot wound to his thigh and was released two days later.

"I don't harbor any kind of ill-will towards him or anythig like that," Scott says.

Scott said he and his family focused on his recovery and Thanksgiving.

"Yeah... I'm very thankful I'm just really happy to be alive."

Scott is expected to complete his recovery within about two months.

FSU student Ronny Ahmed, who was also wounded, will have a much longer recovery. Ahmed's family announced earlier this week he was paralyzed from the waist down in the shooting.

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