Firefighters light house after homeowner falls

VIDEO: AR firefighters light house after homeowner falls

ROGERS, AR (KFSM/CBS) - A house in Rogers, Arkansas is decorated for Christmas thanks to several firefighters from an area fire department.

Three firefighters were responding to a call about a man who fell off his roof while hanging Christmas lights on Sunday. Once the man was transported to the hospital, the crews grabbed their ladders and finished the job he had started.

"What they did was just amazing, you can't ask for better people to do that," Jim Brewer's wife, Rhonda, said.

Brewer said her husband, Jim, fell off the garage roof, onto the hood of her car, and eventually landed on the pavement. She said he was transported to the hospital with several broken ribs, a tear in one of his kidneys, a broken collarbone and internal bleeding.

"You hear stuff like that and you know people don't survive. The good Lord was watching over him, I know that," Brewer said.

Michael Braswell, Lacie Johnson and John Gavin were the firefighters from the Rogers Fire Department on scene.

"We saw a little something we could do to help out, someone in need, we saw he wasn't going to be able to do it himself, we couldn't leave it half done, we grabbed the horse by the reins and took care of it," Gavin said.

Braswell said they grabbed their ladders, and took five minutes to finish decorating the Brewer's home— with a storm rapidly approaching.

"We just all kind of saw that something needed to be done, so we all made the decision together and did what we could to help," Braswell said.

Brewer said this holiday season, she's thankful for the act of kindness, and having her husband back home.

"Of course he's got injuries that he's going to have to heal from, but knowing that he's here with me, that's all that I could ask for. I couldn't ask for anything else for Christmas, I just want my family," Brewer said.

The three firefighters visited Jim Wednesday afternoon, and said they were happy to see him back on his feet.

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