Local cyclists give thanks to friendships during Thanksgiving ride

VIDEO: Lowcountry cyclists take annual Thanksgiving Day Ride

A group of cyclists put in a whole lot of hard work to earn their Thanksgiving dinner.

Their annual event goes deeper than just a bike ride around town.

"First Thanksgiving in Charleston and I'm happy to spend at least the first part of the morning with some good people," said Edward Sykes.

Sykes was joined by nearly 50 cyclists on a Thanksgiving ride through Charleston.

"Made some good friends already here at the store," said Sykes.

Brian Parks manages the Charleston Bicycle Company. He says they've been doing the Turkey Day ride for a long time now.

"If I remember right, it's been about 10 years. We've had a lot of fun rides, a lot of warm ones, a lot of cold and wet ones, but it always happens," said Parks.

Parks says they are able to form friendships lasting years because of this ride.

"The one thing I really notice is how many people come back here to visit family, and if they're a cyclist they know that they got a place to ride with a bunch of guys that they haven't seen in a while," said Parks.

"I work here part-time and this is just one of the best ways that I know of to start Thanksgiving," said Adam Kidd.

Kidd hit the streets Thursday with the other cyclists. Some of them even rode as far as 60 miles.

Kidd said, "It's a good way to just burn some calories, and then get out there with some friends, a lot of comradery and just kind of earn your food at the end of the day."

On this Thanksgiving Day the group shares excitement for their passion to ride, and gratitude for blessings in their lives.

Kidd said, "Thankful for my wife, my family, the ability to ride a bike."

"Thankful to be in good health and have good friends today," said Sykes.

Parks said, "One of them is definitely be able to ride, to have a good healthy life, and to see how much this makes a difference for everybody."