Aquatic center discussion heats up in DD2 after two-year dormancy

VIDEO: Aquatic center discussion heats up in DD2 after two-year dormancy

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The question that appeared on the November ballot over two years ago gave no indication of a potential partner or location. It read:

In the event that "Question 1" above is approved, shall the Board of Trustees of School District No. 2 of Dorchester County, South Carolina, be further authorized to issue and sell, either at one time as a single issue or from time to time as several separate issues, general obligation bonds of School District No. 2 of Dorchester County in the aggregate principal amount of not exceeding $7,500,000, the proceeds of which shall be applied to defray costs of issuance of such bonds, and the costs of designing, constructing, equipping and furnishing an aquatic center?

Residents and school board members were divided on both.

"Let's don't be so provencal and parochial that we can only have our pool."

"It wasn't a very large margin that the referendum passed, but had that been an option I would not have voted for it because if North Charleston would like a pool, I think that they should get their own referendum and have their public pay for it, their taxpayers."

The board appointed a three-member committee that will gather community feedback and identify potential partners for the $7.5 million facility.

Some board members believe the partner should be the Summerville YMCA as they have been part of the discussion all along. No written contract exists between DD2 and the Y.

"I want to make sure it is known that I am for being responsible with the tax dollars that we have to spend...I am all for checking out our avenues, but I feel like we should honor that commitment to them first," says school board member Lisa Tupper."

Others say all possibilities should be considered as the partner will manage and maintain the aquatic center.

"There was nothing written that we were going to be doing the aquatic center with any certain group, and there are several others that have expressed interest, and we just want to make sure we're doing the right thing and we do our due diligence," says school board chairman Gail Hughes.

Hughes says as far as location is concerned, the center will be built in DD2 with the understanding that the district goes out as far as Ashley Phosphate Road.

The committee will present its findings to the school board in February.