Emotions flare at Kronsberg sentencing hearing

Emotions flare at Kronsberg sentencing hearing

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Robert Kronsberg has been sentenced to life in prison, with no chance of parole, for the murder of his girlfriend, Tasha Lucia.

Tension was high and emotions were flaring inside the courtroom during the James Island man's hearing.

As Judge Roger Young delivered the sentence, Kronsberg began cursing and was dragged out of the courtroom by law enforcement agents.

His defense lawyers asked the judge for a sentence of 35 years, plus five years parole. They cited that this was Kronsberg's first felony.

His family also spoke and said he's a troubled man struggling with substance abuse.

"Alcoholism and drug abuse have robbed him of his childhood, his opportunity, his daughter, his loved ones and now his freedom," said Kronsberg's brother.

Throughout the case, the prosecution and Lucia's family accused Kronsberg of showing no remorse for the murder of Lucia in their James Island apartment in February of last year.

Lucia's grandmother spoke in front of the courtroom and said she hoped Kronsberg would one day understand what he's done.

Moments before the judge's sentencing, Kronsberg chose to speak.

While sobbing, he looked directly to Lucia's mother.

"I'm so sorry that I took her away from you," said Kronsberg to Lucia's mother.

Judge Young said this could have been a spontaneous, crime of passion, like the defense claimed, except for one thing.

"You thought she was dead, and walked away from her. Heard that she was still alive and went back to finish her off," said Judge Young. "He went back and stabbed her and he didn't just stab her once, he stabbed her 11 times.

As the hearing wrapped up, Lucia's family wept quietly. Her grandmother said they're grateful Kronsberg got the maximum sentence and he won't haunt their thoughts any longer.

However, the loss of their loved one, Tasha Lucia, will forever be in their hearts.

Robert Kronsberg is currently in a Columbia Correctional Institute undergoing testing and classification to determine where he will serve out that sentence.

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