Middle school students learn computer coding

Middle school students learn computer coding

JOHNS ISLAND, SC - "Technology is certainly going to be our answer in saving the world," said Robin Smith, Master Reading Teacher at Haut Gap Middle School on Johns Island.

And that's why teachers at the middle school are teaching their students coding. One hour a day for two days. The kids are learning basic formulas to create and move objects in software programs. It's the first time the school has taken part in this program. It's called An Hour of Code.

"The students are natural at writing code and creating new activities on the computer. It's amazing," said Smith.

"I'm excited though. It's fun because you see the little animations moving," said 7th grader Bethany Weeks.

Weeks also teachers other students about coding.

"We're doing these crazy moves and it was really cool watching it all come together from just little blocks," said Weeks.

"Some of them are working on applications and some of them are working on video games. It's all above my head. The kids know way more than I think the adults do," said Daniel Vella, Assistant Principle at the middle school.

Some students at the middle school are learning code in Spanish.

"So what we try to do is instill a real invigorating environment for our students in learning," said Smith.

"I really want to say thank you because having these extra classes can get you high school credit," said Weeks.

Preparing students to become "tech savy" so they can have a competitive edge when they enter the work force.

"We have to compete globally," said Vella.

"It's a win, win across the board," said Smith.