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Charleston Delegation supports turning Charleston School of Law into a nonprofit


The Charleston County Legislative Delegation voted Monday night to put its support behind turning the Charleston School of Law into a nonprofit school.

The delegation voted 9-0 to pass a resolution of support of making the school a nonprofit and blocking the sale of the school to Infilaw. Senator Marlon Kimpson and Senator Paul Thurmond abstained from the vote saying that did not want to sway the Commission on Higher Education, which is supposed to make an impartial decision.

Back in July of last year, the school was sold to Infilaw System pending approval from the American Bar Association and the state's commission on higher education.

One of the three founding members of the school, is against the sale.

"We have a wealth of experience so there should be no question that if we have the opportunity to run the law school, it will be run for the students by people who understand the law and all its aspects," Ed Westbrook, one of the founding members of the school said in his presentation to make the school a non-profit.

"The issue here isn't really for profit versus no profit,” Peter Goperlund, the President of Infilaw Management System said. “The issue is really who has the experience and the financial resources to run the school and provide the quality of education that the students deserve."

Infilaw owns three other law schools in the country, including The Charlotte School of Law.

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