New online service tries to make booking doctor appointments easier

New online service says it makes booking doctor appointments easier

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A new online company, which launched in South Carolina Tuesday, says it's making it easier for people to book doctor appointments.

Booking appointments over the phone can be difficult with trying to find a doctor that takes a specific insurance or times that work, but the company says its service fixes that.

When you go on the website, you select what specialty you're looking for, the zip code you need it in, and then your insurance provider and ZocDoc provides a list of doctors that meet the criteria and let you click on a time that works.

"It sounded really interesting, so I gave them a call, and it made a lot of sense to me," McKenzie Woodard, a Charleston dentist using the service said.

ZocDoc says enough doctors have started using the service that it could launch the service Tuesday, but Woodward originally signed up back in June.

"If they have a tooth ache at 2:00 am, they can go online and they can see if we an appointment to see them in the morning," Woodard said. "I think that ease to go on there and see all of our availability and then coordinate with their schedule is a real benefit."

More than two dozen specialists in the Lowcountry are signed up and Woodard said she's had many more call and ask about it.

"There have been a lot of calls from other areas where ZocDoc is starting to incorporate their services that have called and asked us what our experience was and if it's been a benefit to our practice," Woodard.

The service is in more than 30 states now and while a few people online have complained their appointments don't get booked or negative doctor reviews don't show up, Woodard said it's been smooth for her.

"Anyone who's mentioned anything specifically about the service to us, it's been a positive comment about the ease of scheduling," Woodard said.

Right now, the service has five different specialty areas to choose from but plans to add more in the coming months.

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