Coroner: Body found was missing Bowman man

Bowman man missing for a month, family desperate for any information

BOWMAN, SC (WCSC) - A body found on Christmas Eve has been positively identified as that of a missing man from Bowman, Dorchester County's coroner confirmed.

Lorenzo Williams, 42, had been missing for a month when his body was recovered from a pond off of Duncan Chapel Road, Coroner Christopher D. Nisbet said. Nisbet said Williams drown, but said there was no injury present.

The discovery ended a month of despair and disbelief that consumed Williams' family.

"I know if he's out there and how cold it is, I know he might don't make it, but I pray that he does make it, and he's somewhere safe, somewhere home, instead of out in the cold," Williams' cousin, Mary Thompson, said about a week before the discovery.

"I don't want to think the worse that maybe he's hurt or he has died," Acquella Williams, his niece, said. "Nobody knows where he is, but it's just, it's devastating because he's never done this before."

Williams had last been seen on Weathers Farm Road where he lives with his mother. Williams' family says he had no history of mental illness or wandering off for days at a time. They say the longest he had ever been gone is a couple of days.

Family members said they looked for him every day, passing out fliers from Holly Hill to St. George to Orangeburg to Branchville.

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