Clemson team devises software to prevent password peeping

VIDEO: Clemson team devises software to prevent password peeping

Clemson, SC (WCSC) - A research team at Clemson University tested a new way to protect computer passwords from prying eyes without making the passwords too difficult to remember.

The system uses decoy text to throw off anyone who might be trying to snag a password by peeking over a user's shoulder.

The login screen has 10 lines. When you start typing a password, text will appear on all ten lines. Nine of those lines will be a decoy. One will be the actual password. This allows you to see what you're actually typing, but throws off the people trying to steal your password.

Early on, researchers did find one flaw with the idea: they found that your finger hovers over the first key you're going to type, which would make it easy for someone to see which of the ten rows was the actual password.

They say they fixed that problem by simply changing it so that same first character would show up in each row.

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