Johns Island Fire Department responds to 4th space heater fire in recent weeks

Johns Island Fire Department responds to 4th space heater fire in recent weeks

The Johns Island Fire Department responded to the fourth space heater fire in the state the past few weeks, officials say.

Crews were called to a house on the 3000 block of Bonnett Drive just after 12:30 p.m.

Firefighters put out a fire in the corner room of the home, and later determined it was caused by a space heater being kept too close to a wall, according to Johns Island Fire Capt. James Ghi.

To avoid fire, Ghi suggests keeping space heaters at least three feet away from anything flammable.

He also says to make sure space heaters are turned off when leaving a room.

The St. John's Fire District released the following statement on Monday:

This incident is a reminder to use care when using alternative heating sources and the importance of smoke alarms.  Space heaters should be used per the instructions.  Do not use electric space heaters with frayed cords.  Do not replace the plug of a space heater with a generic plug.  Space heaters should be plugged directly into a wall outlet. When United Laboratories (UL) or other third party laboratories test devices for safety they are tested with the equipment they are purchased with.  Repairs or other additions may cause the heater to malfunction, overheat, etc.  Keep combustibles at least 3-feet from any heating device.  Have a "no-play" zone around all heaters, and never leave heaters unattended. 

 If using a kerosene heater follow the instructions that came with the unit.  The unit should only be fueled with kerosene and refueling should take place outside of the home. There should also be a clear area of 3-feet around kerosene heaters.  The home should be ventilated to reduce the accumulation of carbon monoxide gas, which is produced by kerosene heaters.

The smoke alarm located in the residence alerted the occupants to escape while the fire was very small.  This properly maintained smoke alarm performed as designed.  

The cold weather is just settling in.  We urge everyone to take a moment to make sure their smoke alarms are working and heaters are used properly.  Please contact the St. John's Fire District at 559-9194 if you need your home smoke alarms checked, need batteries, and would like a home safety survey conduct at your home. 

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