City of Charleston releases mobility report that plans to reduce congestion

City of Charleston releases mobility report that plans to reduce congestion

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - "This is a busy, bustling city. Businesses move here and people want to live here, shop here and work here. That's a great thing," said Mayor Joseph Riley of Charleston.

Mayor Riley understands Charleston and the region will see more growth in the coming years. That's why the city paid $17,000 to have an outside consultant study traffic concerns and suggest alternative methods of transportation to reduce congestion problems.

"He's recommending we study a trolley system. It's fairly new technology that seems very well suited to Charleston because we are relatively a small city and it's more affordable," said Tim Keane, Director of Planning.

The report suggests bringing a trolley system to the Peninsula could provide back bone transportation for folks trying to get around. Instead of having to find parking downtown, or on the Peninsula, people could just use the trolley.

"That we really concentrate on reducing the number of personal vehicle trips on the Peninsula," said Keane.

The city also plans to look  into the possibility of building a welcome center near Upper Morrison. Instead of building parking garages in the Peninsula, officials hope tourists can park at the welcome center, then take public transit to the Peninsula to help reduce congestion. The city hopes the recommendations in the report can help make life just a little easier for residents and tourists making their way through the Peninsula.

The city still has to develop a feasibility test to see how much the improvements would cost and also make sure they fit for the area.

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