Adding a twist to New Year's Resolutions may bring success

VIDEO: Add a twist to your New Year's Resolutions for a better chance of success

With the coming of a new year, people often make resolutions to lose weight or give up something to be healthy, but often fall short of those goals.

A new kind of resolution to keep us on track may help keep people on track.

Keeping our new year's resolutions may mean adding a little balance to our lives. If you focus on being happy and healthy, meeting your goals may become a nice side benefit.

If you want to lose weight, instead of subtracting certain foods, add something. Eat a serving of vegetables at every meal or add glasses of water to your daily routine. Over time, these additions will leave no room for unhealthy habits.

Also, step away from the screen whether that's the TV, computer or other devices. Being sedentary is not good for the waistline. Instead, step outside and get some fresh air. It's good for the mind and body.

And stop multitasking, especially when it comes to eating. When you pay attention to what you put in your mouth, this cuts down on mindless eating and may help you make better food choices.

Finally, try choosing a theme as your new year's resolution: a word or phrase that describes how you want to feel instead of what you think you should do. For example, words such as authenticity, clarity, or kindness. When you focus on your theme each day, it can have a positive impact on your behavior.

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