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Wildlife rescue to relocate after ten years; Founder uncertain about future

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Founder and director of Keeper of the Wild, Janet Kinser, established the organization in 2000. She says rescues were small then but quickly grew.

"It has served its purpose well. We do about 3500 to 4000 babies per season, orphans and injuries, and we call all our fur animals babies because they are part of you when you raise them."

Kinser says they have been renting the facility from the South Carolina Forestry Commission

"The State Forestry has extended our time that we have to leave the property is in August, but still we've got to hit the ground running now because we have baby season coming up, and if we take the season off to build, we've got a lot of little lives that are going to be lost."

The non-profit rescues mammals that are native to the state.

"The beaver, the otters, bobcats, baby bunnies, all species of squirrels."

Kinser says there are long days and nights of intense rehabilitation.

"It's not just simply sitting in a nursery feeding babies a bottle. There are babies hit by cars. There are animals that have been shot. There are all kinds of reasons that they come to us."

While she says the future is uncertain, she's hopeful that come spring, they will be in their new home.

"It's going to be a lot of hard work. It's going to be a lot of people having to come together to make it happen, but it will happen. It happened with this."

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