Coonhounds need homes after hunting season

Coonhounds need homes after hunting season

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - It's the middle of South Carolina's small game hunting season and for now, coonhound dogs are in high demand because of their strong sense of smell.

When hunting season is over, though, they are often abandoned. That's were Carolina Coonhound Rescue comes in.

"I had no idea what I was getting in to, but I saw a need and I started and everybody has helped me along the way," Kelly Postell, who founded the rescue said.

"We didn't have any coonhound rescues in the area when I started this," Postell said.

The small non-profit finds homes for the hounds but always has more dogs than they can handle. On an average day, they'll get 15 to 25 requests to take dogs. They don't have their own center and use Animal Medical West allows them two spots for dogs.

"Especially now during hunting season, we know there's going to be an influx and people are going to be doubling down and asking us for help," Jennifer Williams, the group's legal director said.

Williams adopted one of the organization's dogs that had been tied up to a fence post. She wanted to more for the dogs, so she joined the organization as a board member.

"We can only save as many as we have a place for," Williams said.

"What we need are fosters," Postell said. "We need people who can bring them into their homes and teach them how to live inside."

The program is completely free. Carolina Coonhound Rescue uses all its donation to help the dogs and provide fosters with anything from dog food and dog bowls to trainers.

Besides donations and space, Postell says hunters need to get their dogs spayed and neutered.

"If your dog is neutered, he's probably going to hunt better because he's not going to be hunting the female that's in heat two clubs over," Postell said.

The group mainly saves dogs from Dorchester and Colleton counties, but said it's willing to send them anywhere they'll get a good home. If you're interested in adopting or being a foster, visit the group's website.

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