Residents and city officials discuss development plans in West Ashley

VIDEO: Residents and city officials discuss development plans in West Ashley

WEST ASHLEY SC (WCSC) - Those driving into West Ashley may soon be greeted with a new and improved version of the area. Monday night, city officials and residents discussed plans for new development in West Ashley.

"The goal is to bring in new businesses and dove tail that with increasing the quality of life," City Councilman Keith Waring said.

One project that is still up in the air is the remodeling of the Citadel Mall. The city's vision is to create an open air mall with offices and apartments above the stores. Some residents say it's much needed.

"I think it brings added revenue. I think it creates jobs and that's going to be good for the area, said Bridget Holm, a resident in West Ashley.

Some improvements residents should see in the next year is the development of gateways and improved landscaping where people drive into the area.

"We want to know that you're welcome and something attractive is going to be there to welcome you. Right now there's not," Waring said.

"I think there definitely needs to be a change," said Amanda Helton, a resident in West Ashley.

Mayor Riley also discussed the possibility of building more police and fire stations.

"A very modest tax increase to allow us to add public safety infrastructure. A new fire station and a new police headquarters.

Revitalizing West Ashley in hopes that it can shine like other areas in Charleston County.

"Listen you're coming into one of the best areas in the country. It simply should look that way," Waring said.