Local attorney says dash cam video could be vital in DeWitt DUI case

Local attorney says dash cam video could be vital in DeWitt DUI case

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A Charleston attorney says the dash cam video of the arrest of Berkeley County Sheriff Wayne DeWitt could play a big role in the outcome of the case.

Attorney Tim Kulp has used dash cam video to defend many of his clients in DUI cases.

Kulp is not involved in Sheriff Wayne DeWitt's DUI case, but says the video will be vital.

"See, this is the importance of having videos, because the picture's worth a thousand words, but video's worth a million," Kulp said. "The video speaks for itself."

Kulp says one part of the video in particular got his attention.

"What stood out to me is that segment of video showing the driving," he says.

He is referring to DeWitt's pickup truck swerving on the highway while police are trying to pull him over.

"Swerving is one thing that will get you pulled," Kulp said.

DeWitt also apparently left the scene of an accident before getting pulled over. Kulp says there could several reasons the sheriff didn't stick around.

"A motive in terms of leaving the scene of an accident could be just surprise, emotional or panic reaction," Kulp said.

The Highway Patrol said DeWitt failed his field sobriety test.

"Anybody that looks at the video can draw their own conclusions. Again that's why videos are so important," Kulp said.

Kulp says he has no idea how the case against Dewitt will play out.

"I do know that it's a complex situation and it's complex because of the role of the sheriff."

It's a case that may ultimately be decided by dash cam video.

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