Attorney: No wrongdoing involved in appointment of fired Berkeley Co. employee

Attorney: No wrongdoing involved in appointment of fired Berkeley County employee

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - A Charleston attorney believes there was no wrongdoing involved when Berkeley County's new supervisor appointed a former employee who was fired ten years ago.

New County Supervisor Bill Peagler just named Marc Hehn as deputy supervisor for general services. Hehn signed an agreement back in 2005 that he would never again apply for a job with the county.

Hehn was the Town of Moncks Corner's administrator for eight years while Peagler was mayor.

Attorney John Harrell, who does not work for the county, says according to the resignation agreement, Hehn was prohibited from applying for a job with Berkeley County, but can still serve if he is appointed to the job.

In Hehn's termination letter from 2005, then-supervisor Jim Rozier wrote that Hehn, as director of the county's Water and Sanitation Authority, intentionally gave incorrect information on a water project which could have cost the county about $500,000 in grants.

In the letter, Rozier wrote, "I cannot trust a director who would knowingly send me a false document to sign."

The termination agreement stated Hehn "agrees not to apply for employment with the county in the future."

Peagler defended his appointment of Hehn in a statement.

It says in part, "Mr. Hehn did not apply or seek employment with the county. I appointed him. With over 42 years of experience in public service, Mr. Hehn is a seasoned veteran and consummate professional in whom I have great confidence."

In his new job, Hehn is being paid more than $106,000 a year, records state.

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