Experts: Service you car for bitter cold or pay the price

Experts: Service you car for bitter cold or pay the price

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - Failing to get your car serviced for bitter cold weather could cost you, according to experts.

Luis Irizarry of Hay Tire says he's seen drivers who had to pay the price for not having their cars serviced for super cold weather.

"A lot of people at the last minute wait to come in," Irizarry said. "Worst case scenario, you're stranded on the side of the road and now you're sitting in a car that's not running with no heat."

Irizarry took us under the hood of his car to point out what needs to be checked out to keep you on the road.

"Cars have moving parts just like we do," he explained.

To keep those parts moving in the cold, he says you have to start with the anti freeze, making sure it is filled to the proper level.

"The anti freeze is the most important part of actually creating heat inside the car," Irizarry said.

Irizarry says you also need to make sure you have washer fluid for your window.

"If you put just plain water in your washer fluid jug, you may wake up to it being iced over sold and it can crack the bottle."

He says you also cannot ignore the wiper blades.

"Make sure they're in good shape because they're gonna be working hard if you got some ice on the window, stuff like that."

According to Irizarry, lots of drivers forget to have their tire pressure checked.

He says in cold weather, the tire pressure drops, which can affect your gas mileage and handling of the car.

"As long as you stay ahead of the game and do preventative stuff, then you're doing everything you possibly can do to make sure you're safe on the road."

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