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Few power outages as temperatures dip into the teens, SCE&G power crews on standby

(Photo Source: Live 5 News) (Photo Source: Live 5 News)

SCE&G crews were braving the cold Thursday morning over near Hanahan City Hall, doing some routine maintenance work but prepared to switch gears if power outages became an issue.

"We're running our generation at full capacity, and we've got folks fully staffed in all areas,” explains Kim Asbill with SCE&G.

The distribution dispatch center was also quiet, with operations running smoothly. From there, staff can keep an eye on SCE&G's entire coverage area, which is about two-thirds of the state.

"We can monitor load and information, and it gives out folks, if we do have outages in certain locations, these are the folks that send the trucks out to take care of the outages. They monitor 24/7."

Asbill says they anticipate few issues Thursday night. She says it's the wind and wet weather that creates a mess. She says they are running at full capacity.

"We've got nuclear. We've got coal. We've got natural gas, and on a day like this we're just pulling from all of our sources to make sure that we have enough energy to meet the needs of our customers."

Asbill says to keep the cost of your electric bill down, open the doors inside your home so the heat can circulate and set the thermostat at 68 degrees, the ideal temperature.

"When you got to bed at night, set it down a little lower. If you're going to be leaving for work during the day, set it down a little lower."

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