Tow truck companies see business boom in bitter cold

Tow truck companies see business boom in bitter cold

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Some tow truck companies in the Tri County area are seeing an increase in business due to the bitter cold.

Jennings Towing dispatcher Frank Brigman may be one of the busiest people in town.

"I've been busy since I sat down. By the time I got to my board I got nine calls. They just appeared in three or four minutes," Brigman said.

Brigman's not surprised to see so many stranded drivers.

"Charleston cars aren't used to 20 degree weather, 25 degree weather."

Each line on Brigman's computer screen represents a call.

Another screen tracks the tow truck drivers who are out on the road.

One of those drivers is Dennis Caldwell.

"Real crazy man, this is number nine for me already," Caldwell said about his latest call.

Working in the bitter cold, Caldwell still has a sense of humor.

"This is my first break, coming to meet you."

Caldwell says he's seen the usual cold weather problems with cars.

"Mainly overheating problems, and battery problems and starter problems too."

On one call, the problem is a slow leak in a tire.

It doesn't take long to fix.

Caldwell knows there are more calls to come.

"There's 12 more cars on the side of the highway between 78 and Ashley Phosphate Road."

Jennings had ten tow trucks on the road Thursday along with five pickup trucks that are used to change tires and batteries.

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