Shelters see change in demand with cold weather

Shelters see change in demand with cold weather

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Shelters throughout the Lowcountry saw a big change in the number of people they helped Thursday.

At Seacoast Church, which gives away food and clothing every Thursday, demand was actually down from its 100 people a week.

"We only served 40 people today, 40 families today, and that's very, very rare," Becky Lind, who is the outreach coordinator at Seacoast said. "It was too cold for some people to get out. It was either transportation issues or these schools were late getting in."

The Charleston County Sheriff's Office has turned its work camp into a shelter.

"We're doing this because we're trying to development a better relationship between law enforcement and the community, to make them aware that we're not just here to arrest people," Captain Anna Carter of the Charleston County Sheriff's Office said. "That there is a good side to law enforcement."

15 people stayed in the center last night, but it has room for up to 120.

"They are so appreciative of it," Carter said. "In fact, one of the inmates volunteered to keep the place clean. They do what they can. We appreciate helping them and they appreciate us for doing this."

Hibben United Methodist said it was full Wednesday night, with 39 people staying at the church and expects a similar story Thursday. Bed, Bath, and Beyond donated 20 pillows to the church Thursday.

The Rural Mission on John's Island says it's focused on providing firewood to those in need and has seen an increase in demand this week.

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