VIDEO: Summerville girl blames mom for letting her sleep through snow

VIDEO: Summerville girl blames mom for letting her sleep through snow

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - While thousands of people in the Lowcountry caught a glimpse of snow flurries Wednesday night, 6-year-old Megan McMichael was sleeping and oblivious to the event.

It wasn't until the next day when she heard from her fellow classmates at school that she had missed out on the snow.

Suffice it to say she blamed her mother for not waking her and her mom caught the tearful tirade on camera.

"I tried to shield my daughter from this as I knew she would be disappointed she LOVES snow!" said Megan's mother Kristie McMichael who shared the video with Live 5 News."When I picked her up from school today, as soon as she saw me, tears started to roll. I asked her what was wrong and she sobbed, 'It snowed last night and I missed it.' Apparently all the kids were talking about it at school."

McMichael said she consoled her daughter afterward and promised that they would be making a trip up North to see snow, and the next time it snows in Summerville, McMichael says she will be waking Megan up whatever the time, "2 a.m. if need be!"

McMichael did attempt to wake Megan when she saw the snow falling Wednesday night, but her daughter was just too exhausted to get up.

"My daughter has seen a lot of snow in her time," McMichael said."We have been stationed in Japan, then moved to Philadelphia. She loves the snow!"

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