Red Cross in need of volunteers for disaster aid

VIDEO: Red Cross in need of volunteers for disaster aid

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - In the past year, statewide, the Red Cross assisted over 7,000 people affected by home fires. In just the month of December, there have been twenty fires in the tri-county area. The Red Cross says they are in need of volunteers.

Rachel Kotzin is a single mother of three who lost almost everything after her Summerville apartment burned down in October.

"It was very difficult because we had no toys or no clothes. We had no food and no home," said Kotzin.

The Red Cross came to their rescue. They supplied Rachel with money for food and clothing and helped her get her life back on track.

"The clients may have lost everything. They go to work and they have a family all set up and they come home and everything they have is gone," said Jim Strohm, Volunteer Disaster Chair for the Red Cross.

"We needed immediate assistance and they were there to offer help," said Kotzin.

In order to keep helping families like Rachel's, officials with the Red Cross say they themselves could use a hand.

"We are in need of as many volunteers as we can get," said Strohm.

The Red Cross kept busy December with twenty fires in the tri-county area.

"The cold weather definitely does have an effect because people have issues with their heating systems and they'll try alternative methods to heat their home. Those methods might not be quite as safe," said Strohm.

For volunteers, like Jim Strohm, it's all about helping the victims start over.

"I enjoy helping people. I see the nicest people at their worst times and hopefully we can make their life a little better," said Strohm.

"Thank you very much. You guys were wonderful," said Kotzin.

For more information on how to volunteer visit the Red Cross's website at

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