Angel Oak Elementary parents speak out about renovations

VIDEO: Angel Oak Elementary parents speak out about renovations

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Some parents at Angel Oak Elementary School were not satisfied with a proposal passed Monday night at the Charleston County School District's Board Meeting. The proposal allows Angel Oak to receive millions of dollars in renovations.

"There is black mold in the air systems. You can see it on the ceilings on almost every classroom in the school. There are german cockroaches crawling around the school, crawling onto the lunch tables," said Coty Heydrick, a concerned parent.

Parents like Coty Heydrick say enough is enough with the poor conditions at Angel Oak Elementary. They want a new school.

"That should be a priority. The health of these children and the teachers," said Heydrick.

At Monday's meeting, some parents didn't get the outcome they had hoped for.

"How can renovations fix these problems? It cannot," said Reverend Leonard Huggin Junior, a spokesman at the meeting.

The school board passed a proposal that would set aside millions of dollars to renovate, not rebuild the entire school.

"If we waited for a new school there's not a swing space to put Angel Oak so that means we would have to wait until a new school is built and that means your children will continue to go to the school with mold," said Board Member Reverend Dr. Eric Mack.

"I don't think kicking up more allergenic's into the air is a way to fix these things. There are sealed asbestos tiles in the school. I just don't see how you renovate around that with children still in the building," said Heydrick. 

Members of the School Board say these renovations will provide children with an up to date learning facility. 

"Trust me. I did everything possible to make this happen," said Mack. 

The renovations at Angel Oak Elementary are expected to begin this summer.