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Folly Beach to roll out stricter regulations for golf carts, low speed vehicles

(Photo Source: Live 5 News) (Photo Source: Live 5 News)

David Chandler is the owner of Folly Beach Golf Cart Rentals.

"I try to be compliant with all the laws of South Carolina and keep up to date."

As do the city's officials, who passed some stricter regulations at Tuesday's city council meeting.

"Especially at the beach on busy streets, you need to drive defensively and pay attention to your surroundings at all times."

Mayor Tim Goodwin says the city revised the ordinance to bring it in line with changes at the state level. A major difference in the ordinance is that golf carts can only be driven within four miles of the address on the registration. They can still be driven on side streets at speed limits under 20 mph.

"The slower, the better. Keep everybody safe, happy so they can come back next year."

Chandler says he supports tougher rules. He says driving a golf cart carries the same responsibility as driving a car.

"Anything that keeps the people safer, I'm all for it. I want to make sure that nothing happens to anyone while they are enjoying their stay on the beach."

The ordinance also addresses low speed vehicles, which are similar in size to small electric cars.

They can drive on any roads with a speed limit of 35 mph or less.

"Everything for your car is the same thing for a low speed vehicle. You have to have insurance. You have to have a title. You have to have a registration as your operating it. You have to have a license plate put on it by DOT."

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