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Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina team up for coyote study

(Source: Wikimedia) (Source: Wikimedia)

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - The states of Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina are working together to study coyotes.

The states are cooperating with researchers from the University of Georgia and Princeton University for what's being called the largest study ever of the animals' behavior in the Southeast.

Starting this month, professional trappers will begin trapping coyotes and placing GPS collars on them.

The animals will then be released and tracked in the three-state research area to determine where they go and how they live.

The work will continue for two years.

The study aims to understand the threat that coyotes pose to wildlife including white-tailed deer fawns as predators. Researchers will also study DNA samples from coyotes to determine their colonization routes in the Southeast.

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