Witness: Victim chased Berkeley Co. Sheriff after crash

Witness: Victim chased Berkeley Co. Sheriff after crash

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The man driving the car that was hit in the accident apparently involving Berkeley County Sheriff Wayne DeWitt chased after the sheriff the morning of the incident, according to a witness.

Harold Singletary says he was gassing up his truck for an early-morning fishing trip on Dec. 28. The Goose Creek resident says he saw the whole thing happen.

"I heard SMASH. I mean it sounded like glass, metal, crunching," Singletary recalls.

It wasn't quite six in the morning when a truck smashed into a car trying to turn into a Hardees parking lot, sending the car rolling about 30 yards

"And when he come to a stop all I heard RRR," Singletary said, mimicking the squealing of tires.

He says it was the sound of the truck going around the wrecked car.

Singletary didn't know the truck's driver was apparently Berkeley County Sheriff Wayne DeWitt.

"The white truck went around him burning rubber. I mean he was goin and when it turned, then he went SIDEWAYS. I thought he was going to flip his truck," Singletary said.

When the truck sped out of sight, Singletary didn't see much damage to the truck.

"But that little car...the hood, the truck as almost on top of the hood. It was just crushed at the back," he said.

Singletary called 911. But before he could check on the driver, he said the smashed car sped away.

"He went after him and I mean he was spinning, too, going that way," he said.

It wasn't until the next day that Singletary saw reports the truck driver was apparently the sheriff.

"I said my Lord," he said. "Now if it were me or you, we'd still be in jail."

Sheriff DeWitt is due in court next month on a DUI charge. He's also charged with leaving the scene of an accident with personal injury.

A court date on that charge hasn't been set.

The police report indicates the car had $7,000 in damages, while it estimated only $100 in damages to the truck.

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