Race for Charleston mayor: Councilman announces his candidacy joining 4 others

Race for Charleston mayor: Councilman announces his candidacy joining 4 others

CHARLESTON, SC - Mayor Pro Tem William Gregorie is giving it another run.

"I do formally declare my candidacy for mayor of the City of Charleston," Gregorie said on Friday.

Gregorie ran against Mayor Riley, who is not seeking an eleventh term, in 2007 and 2011. He says the city's success has brought some challenges for the people who live here.

"We can only maintain this city and its culture if we are sure that it is a city that works for everyone," Gregorie said.

Business owner John Tecklenburg echoed Gregorie's message of livability and tourism. Tecklenburg served as the city's director of economic development in the 990's

"We're a living, breathing city that includes neighborhoods and businesses. We have to strike the balance in our city policies about all kinds of livability issues to make it number one for the folks that live here."

Other candidates say it's time to look beyond the peninsula. Former city councilman Paul Tinkler and business owner Dick Elliott say meeting the needs of the suburbs is next in the city's future.

"Downtown Charleston is not all of the city," Elliott said. "The city includes all the suburbs from Daniel Island to Red Top."

"We have a healthy heart, and I think it's time to turn the city's attention to the right arm of the city, the suburbs, West Ashley, Daniel Island, James Island," says Tinkler.

Henry Fishburne, also a former councilman, believes a big part of managing the suburbs will be building infrastructure. He says the city may need to reach out for some help.

"Cooperate with other governmental entities, particularly the county and the state. When you look at the infrastructure problems that we have, we're going to have to have their cooperation and understanding and collaboration," Fishburne said.

The race for mayor is non-partisan. Filing officially opens Aug. 3. The election is in November.

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