Hundreds gather for annual MLK service

Hundreds gather for annual MLK service

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Monday is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day but Sunday, hundreds gathered at Morris St. Baptist Church in downtown Charleston to celebrate his life and remember his legacy.

Mayor Joe Riley, James Gadsen and Congressman Jim Clyburn were the speakers at the service.

"Celebrating Dr. King's birthday is so important because it gives us a chance as Americans to say 'what would he be doing now and what should we be doing because we are here and he is not'," Riley said.

Gadsen received the Harvey Gantt Triumph Award as all three spoke about King's legacy and how it can be used as a guide today.

Many in the audience were alive to see Dr. King in Charleston from in the late 1960s and say they see people still following his message.

"When I see the young people of all races coming together and marching just for what's right, doing what is right, it just makes me feel so good and so happy because I know how the segregation was," Marilyn Gilliard said.

This is the 43rd year for the Tri-County Ecumenical Service.

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