Charleston Marathon error adds distance to the race

Charleston Marathon error adds distance to the race

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Many runners are anxiously awaiting their final Charleston Marathon times after an error added distance to the race.

"It was either mile two or mile three, we started noticing we're running really slow if these mile markers are right," said Mike McNonagle, a runner and pacer in the Charleston Marathon.

According to race officials, the error occurred in the area of Broad Street, where the lead car was supposed to take a right on Ashley and a right on Tradd. Instead, officials say the vehicle went two streets over and took a right on Rutledge, adding approximately .2 miles to the race. 

Many of the runners in Saturday's marathon noticed the first few miles were longer than normal. Especially pacers who were helping keep participants on track.

"Right away we started thinking, this is not too good," said Victor Fallon, a runner and pacer in the Charleston Marathon. 

The full marathon was intended to be 26.2 miles and the half 13.1 miles. With the wrong turn made by the lead car, the distance and the time it took to complete the race was extended.

"I wanted to get the people to their goal time at the end of it so it was a little nerve racking," said Amanda Buchholtz, a runner and pacer in the Charleston Marathon.

"We also can't panic because they are looking at us for confidence," said Fallon. 

Many runners use smaller marathon times to qualify for bigger races like the Boston Marathon. So that .2 miles could be a game changer.

The Executive Director of the Charleston Marathon issued this statement about the error:

"We will be taking an official measurement of that added distance this week and will adjust all participants times accordingly. Correct times will be sent to the Boston Athletic Association for Boston Marathon qualification purposes," said Liz Alford.

"With the time adjustment, those people whose qualifying times got messed up, hopefully they can qualify now," said Buchholtz.

The Charleston Marathon Executive Director says an official measurement of the added distance will be taken this week. She says a formula will then be created to re-calculate all of the times. We'll let you know when those numbers are ready.

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