New airline to bring revenue to Charleston International Airport and local economy

New airline to bring revenue to Charleston International Airport and local economy

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - Charleston International Airport announced a new partnership with Silver Airways.

Starting in March 19, Silver Airways will offer non-stop flights from Charleston to Florida.

Three Silver Airways flights will run each day to and from Charleston. Two to Orlando and one to Tampa.

"We have so many of our Lowcountry citizens that love to travel to Florida," said Paul Campbell, Director of the Charleston County Aviation Authority.

Campbell said adding these flights will be a big improvement from their one, daily Miami flight being offered now.

"You don't have to look very hard around this terminal to see that change is in the air," said Campbell.

Adding Silver Airways to their service won't change their $200 million expansion project, which is set to be done on time in November. In fact, Campbell said their renovation project is partly why they were chosen by the airline.

"One of the reasons that we're starting to attract a lot of people now is because expansion of the airport," said Campbell.

While airport officials said it's going to make traveling to Florida a lot easier for their travelers, it's also going to have some big benefits for the airport and the local economy.

The airline pays rent to the airport. But on top of that, when travelers also pay for parking, rental cars, food and retails. Campbell said the airport picks up a lot of revenue from just those things alone.

"It's going to be a terrific opportunity for those people in Florida to come to Charleston, to the Lowcountry," said Campbell.

The new service won't just be bringing more tourists to the Lowcountry but also more jobs at the airport for local residents.

Campbell said this was a partnership that's been in the works for over a year and the deal was finalized just last week.

Silver Airways is kicking off their Charleston service with special rates as low as $89 a flight.

Live 5 Facebook fans had mixed review about the news, with the biggest concern seemed to the small size of the plane.

Soror Ladyj: "Can't wait."
Letehua Johnson: "It's will be nice having a plane in Charleston heading to Florida."
Kristen Talbert-Dunagan: "GIRLS TRIP TO FLORIDA! !!!"
Aaron Waring: "I'm not getting on a plane that looks like that, I'll pass."
Kurt Farnsworth: "My car is larger than that plane."

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