911: Woman attempted to save teen stabbed over alleged Snapchat message

911 excerpts of woman trying to save teen stabbed over alleged Snapchat message

MT. PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Authorities have released 911 audio tapes of a woman attempting to save the life of a teenager who police say was stabbed over a Snapchat message in Mount Pleasant.

In newly released audio tapes, a woman can be heard speaking to an emergency operator and consoling 17-year-old Lucas Cavanagh, who would later succumb to his injuries after he was stabbed in a Mount Pleasant neighborhood on Sunday.

The woman, identified as the mother of the suspect's girlfriend, called for help after finding Cavanaugh outside her daughter's duplex apartment in the Park West neighborhood.

"Please, I got a kid who's been stabbed," she tells the 911 operator.

"Stay with me baby, stay with me, stay with me darling, keep breathing babe," the woman tells a dying Cavanaugh. "Lucas, are you alive? Just be easy baby, be easy, please make it. Oh my God!"

"This is killing me, I can't believe this is happening," she tells the operator.

When the responding police officer arrived on the scene, he found the woman sitting by Cavanaugh who was lying on the street with extensive wounds to his abdomen.

As the officer approached, he saw the woman running towards him with a knife in her hand, screaming,"Here is the knife." The officer then pointed his rifle at the woman and told her to put the weapon on the ground to which she complied to.

The officer reported that Cavanaugh was still alive when he got to him, and placed a trauma blanket over his injuries to stop the bleeding. The coroner's office says Cavanagh would later die at the scene from a stab wound.

Mt. Pleasant police arrested 16-year-old Matthew Fischer and charged him with murder. Investigators believe the stabbing was sparked by a Snapchat message sent from Cavanaugh to Fischer's girlfriend.

Police say Fischer saw the message and told Cavanaugh to come over and he will kill him.

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