North Charleston council approves millions in new projects

North Charleston council approves millions in new projects

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Thursday night, the North Charleston City Council approved millions of dollars in new spending.

They first approved a new $16 million bond issue to help with different city projects including building two new aquatic centers for seniors, one in the North woods area and the other near the Dorchester County line.

The council also unanimously voted in favor of spending $1.2 million dollars to buy 45 new Chevy Caprices, which will be used as police cars for the city. The city started buying Caprices after Ford stopped making the police package for the Crown Victoria.

The city also decided to help keep the South Carolina Stingrays hockey team around a little longer. The team is losing money each year, so the city agreed to spend up to $500,000 over the next two years to help the team.

Mayor Keith Summey said the team is a major boost to the city.

"40 nights of lights being out in the facility is over a month out of each year that nothing is going on," Summery said. "Sure, we can go out and recruit a few additional shows, but we go after every show as it is now."

Todd Olds was the only no vote and said he doesn't think the arena would simply be out of business.

"That's a speculative statement," Olds said. "The city is a municipal government. They're funding it and I don't see that appropriate. I think it sets a precedent for other businesses to ask for their hand out or their subsidy for their business losses."

The city will review the finances of the team each year and decide how much of the $250,000 to give. There's also an option to extend it for a third year.

Thursday was also Summey's State of the City address. In it, Summey pointed out the coliseum has an $85 million impact on the city every year.

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