Sand fences starting to take shape on Folly Beach

Sand fences starting to take shape on Folly Beach

FOLLY BEACH, SC (WCSC) - Folly Beach visitors will start to notice a new addition to the beach front.

Fencing and new plants, stretching for five miles, are being installed in the sand to create new dunes.

Work has started on these v-shaped fences, with wooden stakes being planted down the beachfront.

The v-shaped fences will be opened facing the ocean. It's mesh will catch sand being blown up from the ground.

The sand will gradually pile up to create new dunes.

The project manager, David Warren, with the Charleston District Army Corps of Engineers said that this is all in an effort to help with erosion issues on the island, as well as build better storm protection for the homes on Folly Beach.

The idea is that during hurricane season, when a storm comes and big waves start crashing down on the beach, these dunes will be buffers for the homes behind them.

By the middle of February, they're also going to be planting 100,000 plants behind and in between the dunes for further protection. Warren said these also catch some of the blowing sand, on a smaller scale.

In a month, these dunes could be up to two feet tall.

Warren said it's part of Folly Beaches' $30 million re-nourishment project, but they had a separate contract for this job that was around $500,000.

The federal government is paying for 85 percent of the whole re-nourishment project and the City of Folly Beach is picking up the other 15.

The sand fence project is set to be done in March.

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