New apartment complex on Morrison Drive tries to attract CofC students

New apartment complex on Morrison Drive tries to attract CofC students

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - There's a new major apartment complex heading to the peninsula for College of Charleston students, but unlike most student housing, it's not within walking distance.

930 Morrison Drive, or 930 NoMo, is still under construction but has already started leasing and will open its doors this fall, two miles from campus which is scaring off some students.

"I think it's a really cool idea, but it defeats the purpose of living downtown in the center of everything," Alyssa Schuster, a student at College of Charleston said.

Others say the complex's free shuttle makes the location just fine.

"I don't think people here care that much about distance," Aliza Wolf, a freshman at College of Charleston said. "There's a lot of people that live pretty far from campus and they're fine. If you have a bike then you fine and it's pretty warm here so it's not like you have to walk in the snow or anything."

The complexes leasing for around $1,000/month, which is comparable to units closer to campus, but the developer says its amenities like WiFi throughout the complex, views of the Cooper River and poolside lounging areas will attract students.

"I heard they have a lot of great amenities and stuff like that but it's really far away from campus," Brady McDonald, a Junior at CofC said. "Even though it's got really nice stuff and a really nice set up, it's still really far away from campus."

Some say the cost is most important.

"I'm all about saving money," Tyreq Goode, a junior at CofC who lives in North Charleston, said.

Goode says he thinks the complex needs to be cheap to succeed.

"I've been in the dorms and I don't really like how they're set up," Goode said. "For certain people, it's more convenient for them to walk to classes but someone like me, it's cheaper."

For now, the complex still has availability. The developer says it hopes the Morrison Drive neighborhood will make the location attractive to students.

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