Governor Haley announces domestic violence task force

Governor Haley announces domestic violence task force

South Carolina ranks the second in the nation for the most women killed by men. On Thursday, two major moves were made on a state and local level to help combat domestic violence crimes.

"We are really grateful that people are really sinking their teeth into this issue and attempting to address it in many, many arenas," said Elmire Raven, Executive Director with My Sister's House.

Today, Governor Haley announced the formation of a domestic violence task force. It will include around 40 members ranging from community leaders to prosecutors and different state agencies. Haley's force will focus on criminal justice, criminal outreach and victim and offender services. She's also pushing for tougher penalties for those convicted of criminal domestic violence.

"Everybody in South Carolina knows about domestic violence, but nobody talks about it. They whisper about it," said Haley.

"We hope that whatever recommendations come out of the task force will have some meat to it and that those recommendations will be followed through with and that it will make a difference in the lives of victims and hopefully save lives," said Raven.

On the local level, North Charleston Police Department is stepping up to the plate as well. They are using state funds to beef up their Lethality Assessment Program which identifies victims who are at serious risk of injury or death and connects them with the proper agencies.

"Everybody has a mother, a sister, a friend, and so our entire community should want to step forward and do everything they can to support this issue," said Raven.

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