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New program to identify, protect high risk N. Charleston domestic violence victims


North Charleston Police are launching a new program that will help them identify and protect high risk domestic violence victims.

Police are hoping the Lethality Assessment Program will prevent domestic violence victims from getting killed.

The department announced Monday that state money has been acquired for the program.

"All domestic violences are bad, but if we can identify who's at high risk and get them immediate help, it will help prevent some homicides," North Charleston Police Capt. Scott Perry said.

Perry says when officers answer a domestic violence call, they will write down information on an assessment form about the victim and any other history of violence at the house that will be used to determine whether the victim is a high-risk candidate.

"We can keep track how many times people have been to a home for domestic violence, whether there's weapons in the home," Perry said.

Perry says anyone who's a high risk domestic violence victim will be offered immediate shelter, counseling and other services immediately. They will also get follow up visits from victim advocates like Spally Taylor.

"Even though she might be in a terrible situation now, later on she might return to that same situation and that's the part I fear a lot," Taylor said.

Police are hoping the new program ultimately will save some lives.

Perry says no starting date has been determined.

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