Berkeley County Sheriff's Office adds satellite stations

Berkeley County Sheriff's Office adds satellite stations

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The acting Berkeley County Sheriff, Rick Ollic, is already making changes following the resignation of Wayne DeWitt.

Starting Monday, deputies are moving into new satellite offices, spread throughout the county, in the neighborhoods they serve.

"One of the main complaints about calling the police is that they show up after the fact," said Michael Vebolt, Berkeley County resident.

Sheriff's officials say these sub-stations will allow for quicker response times to emergency calls.

People living near the satellite office in Sangaree were happy to hear about their new neighbor.

"I actually feel like it will be good for the community," said Jeremy Spence, resident.

Each location, in places like Huger, Pineville and Goose Creek will have several deputies stationed there throughout the day. Most will be in existing county buildings.

Neighbors also hope they could help lower crime.

"I like it, it will cut down on a lot of the dope dealers in the community and cut down on a lot of the stealing that's been going on around here," said Marccelle Driggers, resident.

"I think it will definitely give everyone is out doing something wrong, an idea about thinking twice about what they do," said Spence.

Nearly 200,000 people live in Berkeley County and deputies hope more offices will help them build stronger relationships with the public.

"They can get used to police officers being around so they won't be afraid of them," said Vebolt. "There's a stigma about being a police officer these days and I don't think it's right."

"Its good to know that your community is protected by law enforcement," said Spence.

Interim Sheriff Ollic said these new offices will add no extra costs to the taxpayers.

The locations are:

The Water and Sewer plant in Sangaree

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