Police: No bombs found on CofC campus, scene cleared

VIDEO: Police investigate bomb threat at CofC campus

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Charleston police say they have cleared the campus of the College of Charleston after finding no bombs on campus.

Police and the bomb squad scoured buildings on the campus all afternoon following a bomb threat phoned in to police on Tuesday morning.

Authorities were notified of a bomb threat at the College of Charleston's Beatty Center located at 5 Liberty Street around 10:39 a.m.

College of Charleston spokesperson Michael Robertson says the person who called in the threat said there were two bombs on campus, one in a residence hall and another at the Beatty Center. Both buildings will have to be thoroughly searched by authorities, Robertson says.

According to the College, Liberty Street Residence Hall, JC Long, Craig Hall, and the Beatty and Tate Centers have been evacuated and are closed. Students are being asked to stay away from the area.

Charleston police had earlier shut down a portion of King and Glebe Streets as authorities investigated the incident.

College of Charleston officials say classes in the following buildings will be canceled immediately through 5 p.m.:

  • Beatty Center
  • JC Long Building
  • Tate Center
  • School of Education, Health, and Human Performance Building (Wentworth St.)
  • Thaddeus Street Education Center
  • Craig Hall

"Faculty, staff, and students may reenter these buildings only after security personnel give permission to do so," a statement form the college reads. "We anticipate these six buildings will reopen before 5:00 p.m. If there is any delay in reopening these buildings, we will advise you via email and Cougar Alert."

All classes on campus in other buildings will be held as scheduled, according to college officials.

College of Charleston officials are asking students who are indoors at other buildings to remain inside, and to reach out to their professors regarding class schedules this afternoon.

CofC President Glenn McConnell is meeting in his office with authorities to continue to decide which measures need to be taken as the situation goes forward, Whetzel said.

City of Charleston officials say if your car was ticketed in the area closed off due to the incident, you should send your ticket to the address found on the back of the ticket and reference the bomb threat.

Cougar Alert regarding bomb sent in error 

A Cougar Alert was initially sent out to College of Charleston Students saying a bomb had been found, but college officials quickly said the alert was in error. College spokesman Mike Robertson said there was no bomb found, and that dispatch sent the wrong code, which caused an erroneous notification to students.

Students at the College of Charleston were notified Tuesday morning via text alert that a bomb had been found on the campus. The alert read, "A bomb has been found on the CofC campus. Prepare to evacuate. Follow instructions from authorities." That information was corroborated by a Facebook post on the college's page at 11:07 a.m. That post has since been deleted.

Check back for updates as additional information comes in.

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