Joint Base Charleston holds special nighttime terrorism drill

Joint Base Charleston holds special nighttime terrorism drill

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - The Harbor Patrol Unit at Joint Base Charleston is a little more prepared for handling terrorist activity after a training activity Wednesday night.

Responding to terrorism isn't typical for the unit at the Naval Weapons Station in Goose Creek, but they say the drill is helpful for redirecting the many fishermen or lost boats they see or any other threats.

"We could be called upon to do something outside of our normal operating daily tasks," Chief Petty Officer Richard Crowell said. "During the summer, during the day, there's a lot of traffic that comes up and down the river. You've got the commercial boats. You've got the recreational fisherman."

Wednesday's drill was special, though, because it was at night.

"We've been doing a lot of our stuff during the daytime where it's a little bite safer, a little less risk involved," Crowell said. "To get them used to getting the same types of tactics and drills at nighttime, this was pretty beneficial."

The drill started out simple, just patrol an area for activity and come back, but that quickly changed after the instructors made the unit react to imaginary gunfire, a wounded teammate and a broken engine.

"We throw in a few curve balls to see if they can think on their feet," Crowell said. "Can they tactically control more than one boat and how they can handle multiple situations, stuff going on at the same time."

The training is also necessary to move people up from a level one coxswain, or boat pilot, to a level two, which includes knowing more complicated tactics and boating maneuvers.

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