City of Charleston making amends for parking tickets during bomb scare

City of Charleston making amends for parking tickets during bomb scare

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The City of Charleston is trying to make amends for those parking tickets on cars in the area of the College of Charleston bomb scare downtown.

City CFO Steve Bedard said that a couple of parking enforcement officers in the area of the bomb scare on Tuesday were told to come back to the office, but they didn't come back.

"And unfortunately it appears they wrote about ten tickets," Bedard said.

On Thursday afternoon, the city posted information on the city's website on how to get those tickets taken care of.

"People made a mistake," Bedard said. "We're in the process of retraining some people. We want to make it clear, in the event of an emergency, they need to come back to the office if they are called back."

"It was not good judgment and we want to make it right," he said."I believe there were two relatively new officers in the area, and on the way of being called back in, they did write some tickets."

Bedard said a supervisor went to the scene and pulled some of the tickets, and those have been dismissed.

For those who may still have a ticket, Bedard says, "If anyone will send it to us, we'll adjudicate it, you don't have to come in or do anything."

There's been backlash about the ticketing after word spread on social media.

Bedard says the parking enforcement officers in Charleston do not have quotas.

"People aren't paid according to how much they write," Bedard said. "We want to be ambassadors to the city, and help with directions and things like that, but we have a lot of people parking illegally."

Bedard called it a balancing act.

He says the City of Charleston writes about 170,000 parking tickets a year.

That number does not include those written in the area of MUSC.

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