Cops: 15-year-old student arrested after bringing gun to Stratford High School

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - Police say a 15-year-old student has been arrested after he brought a gun to Stratford High School.

On Tuesday morning, a Goose Creek police officer responded to a classroom at Stratford High School on 951 Crowfield Blvd. for a report of a student having a gun in his book bag.

The officer along with three school employees responded to the classroom, removed the student from the class without incident, and took custody of a pink Nike book bag.

The teen was then brought to a school administrator's office where the officer told the student that school officials had information that there was a gun in his book bag.

Police say a school administrator then began conducting a search of the book bag and removed a gun from the bag. The officer took the gun, then placed the student under arrest.

GCPD officials say the firearm, reported by investigators as a semi-automatic Ruger, had one round in the chamber. Additionally, a gun magazine, which was not inserted in the weapon, was found with multiple rounds, according to police.

The student told the officer that he obtained the gun from a friend at the Exxon gas station on Ashley Phosphate Road.

The student said his friend gave the weapon to him for protection because he had been receiving some threats from an "unknown male on social media." He also told police he did not intend on using the gun at school, but wanted it for after school when he walked to an area fast food restaurant to meet his ride.

Investigators charged the student with carrying firearms on school property, possession of a pistol by certain person unlawful, carrying a weapon on school property and disturbing school.

Police say the student's mother came to the school and took custody of her son. GCPD officials say the student was issued a trespass notice at the request of the principal of the school.

The case has been referred to the Berkeley County Family Court for adjudication.

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