Report: CofC bomb threat caller also threatened to shoot people on campus

Report: CofC bomb threat caller also threatened to shoot people on campus

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The caller who claimed to have planted two bombs in a building of the College of Charleston campus also claimed to have a gun and planned to shoot people on campus, according to an incident report released on Friday.

At approximately 10:41 a.m. on Tuesday, the college's switchboard operators reported a call from a male who said he placed two bombs in the Beatty Center, the report states.

That call led to the evacuation of the Beatty Center, the Tate Center and the J.C. Long building. The Liberty Residence Hall, the Education Center and the Craig Residence hall were also evacuated.

While evacuation was underway, a College of Charleston officer reported three unattended backpacks in the Beatty Center.

The same called made a second call, the report states, saying he was on his way to the New School of Education, armed with a gun with the intention of shooting people inside, the report states.

That building was also evacuated and secured, police say.

Police set up a perimeter and officers from the college as well as Charleston Police began searching for any sign of a subject with a gun, the report states. Police never found any sign of anyone with a gun or any other suspicious parties on campus, the report states.

The three unattended backpacks from the Beatty Center were X-rayed and found to have no explosive material and were determined to represent no threat.

No one was found to be inside any of the evacuated buildings, police say.

Charleston Fire, College of Charleston Fire and EMS, the Charleston Police Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and SWAT units; the State Ports Authority EOD and the U.S. Air Force EOD also responded to the scene after the initial bomb threat was made, the report states.

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