Members of British Parliament join bus workers in Charleston at forum

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Members of the British Parliament were in Charleston Monday night taking school bus concerns very seriously.

Durham School Services, the bus contractor for area schools, is based out of England, and bus drivers in the Lowcountry say they're coming forward and speaking out because they feel protected by their union.

They say the buses are in poor condition and could cause for a dangerous situation on the road if not addressed.

The members of Parliament who were in Charleston Monday are going to take the complaints and put pressure on the company to make changes before someone gets hurt.

"Basically what we're here for is to try and convince Durham that they should be doing the same here as what they do very well in the UK," said Ian Lavery, a member of the British Parliament.

They say the company has no issues like this in England and should not be possibly acting poorly and representing the country poorly here in the US.

Bus conditions were also a big concern when Durham bus drivers threatened to walk off the job in 2012.

There was a nearly 8-month fight that also involved pay and benefits.

An agreement was reached in March 2013.

Durham buses carry kids in Beaufort, Charleston, and Dorchester District 2.

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